Bio Crystal Detection

  • Category: Device
  • Funding Institute: Case Western Reserve University
  • Project start date: January 2016

Bio Crystal Detection Device

A diagnostic device is described herein that can be used to perform magneto - optical detection and discernment of crys tals within a biofluid sample . A magnetic field can be applied by the diagnostic device in a direction relative to light traveling through the sample . The presence of a crystal can be determined based on the magneto - optical properties of the sample . The detected crystal can be one of two similar crystal types that may be in the biofluid sample . The two similar crystal types can exhibit different magneto - optical properties under a magnetic field in a different direction . Accordingly , the type of crystal can be discerned by apply ing the magnetic field in the different direction as light travels through the sample . Discernment of the type of crystal can lead to diagnosis of the particular disease condition and subsequent proper treatment of the disease condition